20 Dec 19

Markus Denzler, Mercedes-Benz Vans: How Mercedes PRO connect meets the challenges of commercial fleets

Connectivity solutions optimise communication between fleet managers, vehicles and drivers by retrieving information such as location, fuel level or maintenance intervals. The importance of connectivity will continue to grow, which is why the second edition of the Connected Fleets Conference, organised by Fleet Europe on 28 and 29 January in Brussels, will detail how large and small fleets alike can use it to their benefit in their last-mile services.

Markus Denzler, Head of Global Account Management, Mercedes-Benz Vans, explains why the Connected Fleets Conference is a must-attend event.

1. Why is it important to attend the 2020 Connected Fleets Conference?

"We as Mercedes-Benz Vans see ourselves not only as a manufacturer of vehicles, but also as a provider of complete solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs."

2. The theme for the second edition is Parcel Delivery and Last Mile Solutions. In what way does connectivity support Parcel Delivery and Last Mile efficiency?

"Mercedes PRO is the brand by Mercedes-Benz Vans for all current and future services, solutions and digital services for daily business. With the market launch of Mercedes PRO connect, we are already providing solutions that meet many of the challenges of today and tomorrow. Designed for fleets, Mercedes PRO optimises communication between fleet manager, vehicles and drivers. The connectivity solution allows online controlling of orders and practically real-time retrieval of vehicle information such as location, fuel level or maintenance intervals. Its advantages range from minimised downtimes as a consequence of proactive maintenance and repair management to clearly presented data for business analysis purposes."

3. What is the added value that Mercedes can offer to Parcel Delivery companies and companies that are impacted by First and Last Mile issues?

"Mercedes-Benz Vans provide end-to-end solutions to more than 2,000 fleet customers worldwide. Mercedes-Benz Vans are developing hardware solutions that make our customers´day-to-day business more efficient such as speed delivery door, automated cargo space systems, speed up loading processes."

Image: Markus Denzler, Head of Global Key Account Management, Mercedes-Benz Vans

Authored by: Steven Schoefs