28 Nov 17

Michelin solutions launches four digital services for fleet management

At the French commercial vehicles fair Solutrans 2017, Michelin solutions presented four new digital services for (transport) fleet owners. Their goal is to help them towards better performance and total cost of use, but also to simplify the most common tasks of fleet management.


Michelin solutions, created in 2013, has nearly 400.000 contracted vehicles and develops mobility services for vehicle fleets, aimed at improving their efficiency, productivity and environmental footprint.


The four newly launched services each transform one aspect of fleet management:

  • MyBestRoute allows to choose the best route suitable for transport professionals
  • MyInspection digitizes and standardizes vehicle inspection
  • MyTraining digitizes and facilitates driver training
  • MyRoadChallenge "gamifies" driving, serving the safety and motivation of drivers



MyBestRoute is a web application for calculating routes and associated costs, specific to heavy goods vehicles, and is intended for operations managers. It is possible to calculate the cost of use of the different routes and the quantities of CO2 emitted, taking into account the configuration of the vehicle and the load transported.


MyInspection is an application for smartphones that makes car inspections on paper redundant. It guides the driver in the inspection of his vehicle, following the list of predefined checkpoints. It allows to list any anomaly and, photo in support, to automatically notify to the workshop which will be able to plan the repair. This application also allows the standardization of the inspection procedure whatever the vehicle or driver.


The MyTraining- application allows instructors to train drivers and maintain their skills over time, while simplifying the administrative work. The training is done directly in the cabin and allows the trainer to concentrate on driving rather than on the tool. The application records the history of all trainings by driver and allows to plan the next trainings. Everything is digitized, training times are considerably reduced, and the results are available as soon as the training is completed.


MyRoadChallenge is a "serious game", rewarding heavy truck drivers for good driving. Through a playful interface drivers of the same company are given challenges classifying them each day and every week. The embedded algorithm analyses the quality of driving using the GPS of the driver's smartphone. It awards points to good driving, which are then convertible into gift vouchers. A "quick tips" section teaches the points of attention detected in drivers so that they can improve their driving and gain more points.

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert