11 Apr 19

Optimal parking use with MyCarSpot

Optimising corporate parking lots, that is the aim of MyCarSpot. The French startup has created the solution to optimise your parking management.

In no time creating more parking space, or more precisely: optimising the available parking spots. The app and web platform of MyCarSpot make an automatic inventory of the parking spots available which they can automatically attribute to those employees asking for one. 

By digitising and automating the car park, MyCarSpot creates a convenient and fast way to manage your corporate car park. Via the application, employees with a fixed parking spot have to fill in their expected usage for the week, so the platform can make an inventory of the parking spots available every day for those with flexible parking needs. 
In addition, the system allows to add changes at any time. For instance, if one chooses to come by train to work or turns out to be unable to come to work, the parking spot would normally be left unused. Thanks to the digital platform, employees can indicate their absence and their parking spot will appear as available in the system, ready to help another employee out. 
Employees with no fixed parking spot can request the system for an available parking spot the day before and give them the possibility to book the parking spot in advance. 

And the bonus: by managing and collecting data on parking behaviour, parking needs and infrastructure can be adapted on the long-run, taking parking management to the next level. 
This feature might become even more useful considering the increasing tendency of shared mobility, from carpooling to ride hailing, which per definition allow and require dynamic parking management. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen