14 Jun 19

RadBurro cargo trike promises more range and more cargo capacity

The RadBurro Electric Cargo Bike is one of the first to be type-approved for 1,500 watts of power instead of the standard 250W. The power, the long-range battery and the large carrying capacity make it a worthy contender for European last-mile deliveries.

The RadBurro is designed by Rad Power Bikes, a North American bike company with its European headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“We built the RadBurro to be a realistic, versatile, and affordable last-mile alternative that can help solve many of the transportation challenges that businesses and government programmes face today,” said Teun Kruijff, European Commercial Specialist for Rad Power Bikes. “The Whole Vehicle Type Approval for our RadBurro means we can bring a powerful, proven solution to customers across Europe who are working to improve their operations and eliminate their carbon emissions.”

The RadBurro is offered in various versions, including a flatbed (124x84cm), a truck bed (124x84x30cm) and a cargo box (in standard or XL size). It promises 65 to at least 130km of range and is equipped with a hot-swappable 52.5Ah battery. The top speed is 35km/h.

Rad Power offers its products directly to consumers, forgoing traditional distribution channels. “This enables us to provide a premium e-bike for almost half the cost of competitors. Customers also receive personalised service and support from our team of e-bike experts,” said Mr Kruijff.

The RadBurro will be on display at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen on 14-16 June and at City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTI) Exhibition in Milton Keynes on 18-19 June.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck