29 Apr 21

Video podcast: To e-LCV or not to e-LCV

To e-LCV or not to e-LCV, that's the question Fleet Europe Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs asks Matt Dale, EV Business Owner, ALD Automotive in this 10 Minutes video podcast. Watch the full podcast on top of this page and be sure to check the rest of our LCV Fleet Week.

With growing momentum in the market, fleet managers can find themselves haunted by Hamlet’s conundrum when trying to decide whether the time is right to transition to e-LCVs. Our EV Business Owner, Matt Dale, has good news. e-LCVs are ready for customers and if you plan it right, particularly in terms of driver profiling and charging infrastructure, you can gain significantly by switching to electric.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck