26 Jun 19

Webinar highlights: Improve your last-mile efficiency

84% of shoppers don’t want to shop again at your company if you miss their delivery. There’s no understating the importance of last mile deliveries, but telematics can help you, said a representative of Here and Novacom in a Fleet Europe webinar.

Christoph Herzig, Director of Product Management, Here Technologies, started his presentation with an overview of how fleet management has evolved, particularly in terms of last-mile deliveries. He was followed by Gregory Geli, Sales Director, Novacom.

Cut pickup times

Today’s logistics managers believe new technology could cut pickup and delivery times by approximately 30%. These numbers are important, as we are seeing an explosive growth in e-commerce while new ground transportation solutions are popping up at the same time.

Customers are also more demanding than ever before, and they expect same-day deliveries with flexible return policies.

Not surprisingly, last-mile deliveries make up a huge chunk of the total delivery cost. With telematics solutions, this cost can be controlled, and customers can at the same time get the improved tracking they expect.

Here solutions

Here Technologies offers location services to address these challenges that can be grouped into five categories:

  • Routing: what’s the best route from A to B
  • Map data and content for building tracking experiences
  • Mobile SDKs for developing driver support
  • Geofencing for managing assets leaving or entering designated areas
  • Places footprints improve the delivery accuracy for finding accurate delivery locations onsite:help you to find the right doors, the right loading bays etc.

Fleet utilisation is an important driver to implement telematics. It can help you identify vehicle idle time, recurring issues with tour planning and analysing driver behaviour.

Are you eager to find out what else was discussed in this webinar? Watch the full recorded webinar below.



Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck