16 Dec 19

Michiel Alferink, Athlon: Building solutions that meet customer needs

Light commercial vehicles are used in a different, often more complex way than passenger cars in a benefit fleet. The specific business case for these LCVs make the complete fleet management picture rather particular. Financing and management outsourcing of these LCVs also follows its own rules. 

During the second edition of the Connected Fleets Conference, organised by Fleet Europe on 28 and 29 January in Brussels, we will find out how to decide on the best funding method for your LCV and parcel delivery fleet.

Michiel Alferink, Vice President International Commerce and Sales at Athlon, emphasises the advantages of fleet management outsourcing to tackle last mile mobility challenges.

1. Why is it important to attend the 2020 Connected Fleets Conference?

This event allows a group of professionals related to last mile solutions to learn about the latest trends and best practices within their specific scope. Given the deliberate choice to keep this event relatively small, interactions of participants who face similar opportunities and challenges will be guaranteed. This conference is equally about knowledge sharing and focused networking.  

2. The central theme is parcel delivery and last mile solutions. In what way does connectivity support last mile efficiency?

The relevance of connectivity lies both in the efficiency of the operation and in fulfilling or exceeding the expectations of the final customer, the person or company who receives a delivery or service in city centres. In my opinion this goes beyond the delivery itself. Service companies also face important challenges to fulfill their customer expectations efficiently due to congestion or restrictions in densely populated areas and work on opportunities to be more effective and deliver better services thanks to integrated and connected processes and systems.

3. What is the added value Athlon can offer to companies that are impacted by first and last mile issues?

Athlon delivers a wide range of services to ensure mobility from just a few days up to several years, including specific services related to optimising the use and availability of vehicles. This does not only include a very proactive approach to managing and reducing downtime or specific solutions for peak seasons, like now in December, in the delivery business. Solutions are built based on specific customer needs (depending on industry, strategic priorities, geography), leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained thanks to the confidence of some of the major companies in this area.

Image: Michiel Alferink, Vice President International Commerce and Sales, Athlon

Authored by: Steven Schoefs