13 Apr 23

Vianova and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions team up to fight congestion in Paris

Vianova and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions team up to fight congestion in Paris

Vianova, a data analytics platform designed to offer safer, connected and sustainable urban transport, has partnered with Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, a subsidiary of Bridgestone EMIA, to eliminate congestion in Paris by deploying advanced telematics. 

The partnership will enable commercial fleets to utilise telematics to gain insights about their operations and eliminate urgent issues such as idle time, reducing pollution and enabling electric last-mile deliveries. 

Around 4.3 million deliveries occur weekly in Paris, and it is estimated to reach 6.5 million by 2030. Vianova and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions will share data with the City of Paris on how logistics vehicle move and park around the city to support:

  • Mapping safety hotspots,
  • Enabling decision-making about mobility hubs, on-street parking and last-mile deliveries, 
  • Transform how logistics vehicles move and park to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability. 

Geo-intelligence to boost safety 

Vianova gathers data from over one million connected vehicles daily, providing various parties, including urban planners and data scientists advanced geo-intelligence. 

The Data Solutions team of Bridgestone’s Mobility Solutions will feed Vianova’s data platform with anonymised data flowing from Webfleet-connected vehicles. The data will allow the City of Paris to analyse logistics flow, providing insights into delivery locations, stop duration, hotspots, and pain points. 

Geo-intelligence acquired by combining the shared and connected micro-mobility will help Paris make the best logistics decisions, including spotting the best locations for last-mile delivery hubs, reducing congestion and increasing safety. 

Vianova and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions are committed to increasing road safety, aiming to expand this commitment to other cities worldwide. 

We’re focusing on Paris for now, but this is the type of data that could transform any global city from London to Zurich, Berlin and beyond,” says Thibault Castagne, co-founder and CEO at Vianova. 

Raghunath Banerjee, VP of Data Solutions at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, added, “By combining our advanced data solutions with Vianova’s mobility data platform, we hope to draw insights and analytics that can help cities like Paris to understand traffic flows more deeply, make better decisions and ultimately lead to a safer city.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen