18 Sep 19

Athlon adds e-bike to ChangeMyCar

Athlon's flexible ChangeMyCar lease app has expanded its offer with the option of an e-bike. Employees can use the mobility budget in the app to combine both modes of transport. Users can also adapt their preferences every month to suit changing needs.

The e-bike in the ChangeMyCar offer is manufactured by VanMoof. Athlon chose the VanMoof Electrified S2 for its design and because these e-Bikes are interchangeable and of high quality.

Paul Bouwmeester, Innovation Manager and co-founder of ChangeMyCar said: "We’ve seen a steady growth in demand for our flexible corporate lease solution. As a product, ChangeMyCar was initially an addition to the lease car, but it is rapidly becoming an alternative for the entire leased fleet. We now see a demand for a solution that goes much further than flexibility in the form of a vehicle. What’s more, the new Dutch tax regulations make leased e-bikes a great option for employees."

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck