2 Jul 21

Dutch railways introduce bespoke digital platform

Because of COVID, the Dutch railway operator NS went from their best year ever in 2019 to a loss of €2.6 billion in 2020. In response, NS is launching NS Go, a new digital platform that offers bespoke solutions per company and per employee.

NS Go combines all transport options like the train, tram, bus, metro, taxi, shared cars, shared scooters and shared bikes.

“NS Go offers the business traveller comfort by combining various mobility modes, allowing him to travel from door to door fast and comfortably,” said Ivo Steffens, Commerce Manager, NS.

The system reduces the administrative burden for companies and allows for bespoke solutions on a company or even an employee level. “For instance, a company can let an employee travel first class when it’s their birthday,” said Mr Steffens.

NS Go also includes a consultancy service for corporate customers.

Photo: Ivo Steffens, NS (copyright: NS)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck