3 Dec 18

Remarkable growth in LCV-lease in the Netherlands

The favourable economic climate has led to a rapidly growing demand for light commercial vehicles, as registration figures in the Netherlands confirm. Of the total number of vans in the Netherlands, more than 900,000, or about 16%, is leased. While that figure is not really remarkable, the fact that no less than half of all new vans - aged 1 to 5 years – are in a leasing contract, is. That’s why the Dutch leasing sector is rapidly developing specialised van-lease-channels.

The imminent arrival on the market of new electric LCVs will probably boost lease registrations even more. Unfamiliarity with new technology, and uncertainty about its residual value, are likely to make fleet owners choose operational lease solutions for their new light commercial vehicles.

More than one leasing company anticipates that evolution: Alphabet signed an exclusive contract with the electric StreetScooter, LeasePlan announced that it will be offering the electric Maxus EV80 in Europe, and International Car Lease Holding announced that it will convert the J&T and Van Mossel Lease-brands into a centre of expertise on light commercial vehicles, with a specific focus on electric vans.

A study by Topsector Logistiek on the use of vans showed that the leasing market has an important influence on the accelerated renewal of the total LCV-fleet, which is certainly a welcome evolution, given the ever more strict emission standards. Older delivery vans considerably contribute to air pollution: 8% of the kilometres driven by delivery vans complying to the former Euro 0, 1 and 2-standards account for 9% of the NOx and 40% of the particulate emissions from light commercial vehicles, according to the same study.

Source: bestelauto-expo.nl

Photo: Volkswagen

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert