14 Oct 20

Add electric bikes to your mobility strategy with the Smart Mobility Institute

Bicycle mobility has grown in importance over the last few years, and the current pandemic is only accelerating the appetite for corporate bike mobility. Find out how you can introduce bikes in your mobility strategy in the next session of the Smart Mobility Institute on 29 October.

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The Smart Mobility Institute offers corporate fleet and mobility customers thought leadership and best practice sharing on the transformation from Fleet to Mobility. In a series of four digital sessions, the first of which was on 24 September, the SMI will be shining its light on four topics that are on top of the agenda of corporate stakeholders. The November session will look at corporate mobility as a benefit, the December session at working from home.

On 29 October, the Smart Mobility Institute will discuss electric bikes and how corporates can benefit from them. Now more than ever, electric bikes are another way for people to avoid using public transport, an enticing prospect at times of global pandemic.

Including bikes in a fleet and mobility management programme is a relatively easy and cost-friendly option. Bikes appeals to people living and working in urban areas and to the new generations of employees. But they do require a clear policy and infrastructure that enables comfort and ease-of-use for the employee. Insurance and taxation are also topics to investigate.

  • In this session of the Smart Mobility Institute you will learn how to introduce a corporate bike programme in your mobility strategy, with tip and dos and don’ts from peers and industry experts.
  • You will also have the chance to discover innovative solutions and services of industry players.
  • This session of the Smart Mobility Institute is sponsored by Arval and CMaaS.
  • Speakers include experts from both companies and best practice testimonials by corporate fleet and mobility managers, like Thomas Mulder, Executive Director HR at VodafoneZiggo.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck