13 Jun 18

LCV success for Ford in Belgium

Ford has scored a major success in Belgium. Infrastructure builder APK has announced that this year, some 80% of its light commercial vehicles will be Fords. This continues a relationship which began from a standing start in 2015.

The models selected by APK are the Ford Transit-family (Courier, Connect and Custom). There is a geographical relationship to this partnership. The Ford Lommel Proving Ground is just a stone’s throw from the client’s headquarters at Overpelt in Limburg province. The vehicles will be fitted with a ‘black box’ to give Ford an insight into performance, thus helping with model development. APK, which employs 1,300 in Belgium and the Netherlands, turns over 170 million Euros in the two countries. It acquires its vehicles from the FordStore Driesen.

Authored by: Tim Harrup