9 Mar 18

Arval improves LCV-offer

Since the start of 2018, Arval has been improving its LCV-offer. By doing so, the French market leader in multi brand company car renting tries to boost its market share in a segment which saw its registrations rise by 6.9% in 2017.

At the moment, Arval is managing more than 110,000 long-term contracts for commercial vehicles. LVC-renting is a complex business, because a multitude of elements play a role in the decision-making process. As is the case when choosing the right financial contract. So, offering its clients a complete solution is key in this segment of the market.

That’s why the renting company had already developed a large range of integrated services like insurance, maintenance, 24-hour assistance, replacement vehicles, performance reporting and the integrated Arval Active Link telematics solution. However, to meet the constantly growing expectations of the clients, Arval has decided to improve its LCV-offer even more.

Going for experienced partners

Arval judges this extra service is too specialised to be completely delivered by the leasing company itself. Arval prefers to cooperate with experienced partners who help them offering ready-made packages for adhesive lettering, training in road safety for LCV-drivers and even a range of converted vehicles, which can be available in under 5 weeks. For those converted vehicles Arval is teaming up with Peugeot Utility.

Simultaneously, Arval is investing in more expertise for its sales force. Every member of the sales team will continuously have to take part in training sessions so they will be able to optimally accompany clients in their business decisions. It will be very important that Arval sales representatives understand the professional needs of their clients, so that they can give them perfect advice when it comes to choosing the right van for the job.

Author: Dirk Willemen