25 Jan 19

Company cars cover fewer private kilometres than private cars

One of the arguments often quoted against company cars is that they are used to cover more personal kilometres than privately owned cars. A survey held by the Belgian road safety institute refutes this argument, claiming instead that company cars drive fewer private kilometres on average.

Vias, the Belgian road safety institute, started the survey in 2016, looking at a sample of 10,000 Belgians. After three years, they found that drivers of company cars cover fewer private kilometres than drivers of privately owned cars.

The findings only apply to Belgium, where BIK is calculated at a flat rate, regardless of the number of kilometres driven.

The survey suggests that company car drivers don’t drive more private kilometres simply because they aren’t paying per kilometre.

Nevertheless, the total number of kilometres driven is considerably higher for company cars. On average, company cars drive 30,000km a year, compared to 16,000km for private cars. This difference is attributable to the higher distances covered for work.

On average, drivers of privately owned cars drive 20km to go to work compared to 38km for drivers of company cars.

Image: traffic jam, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat, Brussels.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck