27 Oct 21

MINI launches EASY2DRIVE service in Russia for car rental

MINI Russia launches digital service for customers.

MINI Russia has launched a fully digital service called EASY2DRIVE, providing customers in Russia with the ability to choose and rent cars via a mobile app. 

Developed by the Russian MINI division and the Smart Driving Labs (SDL), EASY2DRIVE enables customers to access information about the availability of various MINI models and book their car of choice. The process of customer profile screening, fleet management, and reservations automatically takes place. Customers can choose between short and long-term car rental. The service also enables free test drives.

Advanced telematics for customer satisfaction

The car's rental price is calculated on duration, selected model and conditions provided by the dealership. 

The EASY2DRIVE system is a follow-up to the platform with the same name, which BMW Motorrad used to develop a dealer fleet management system. A telematics solution developed by SDL is also part of the EASY2DRIVE system. The data gathered from the MINI fleet is sent to the cloud for analyses to improve maintenance procedures and evaluate driver safety and fuel management. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen