16 Oct 23

ALD-LeasePlan Unveils New Mobility Brand: Pioneering Sustainable Mobility

In a significant development, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan have come together to unveil their new global mobility brand, Ayvens.

This merger represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the company, closely following the launch of their 3-year strategic development plan in September 2023. Ayvens signifies more than just a name, says the company; it is a promise to redefine the future of mobility, making it simpler, smarter, and, most importantly, sustainable.

By synergizing their complementary capabilities and expertise, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan seized the opportunity to reimagine mobility, aiming to make it better for everyone. Ayvens encapsulates the position of the combined group in the market, emphasizing what sets it apart and the value it offers to customers across all segments. The essence of the brand promise is to "make life flow better" by delivering mobility that is not only efficient and intelligent but also environmentally sustainable.


With the world's largest multi-brand electric vehicle (EV) fleet, accounting for a remarkable 3.4 million vehicles managed worldwide, the company is committed to leading the way towards achieving net-zero emissions. Additionally, it intends to be at the forefront of the digital transformation that is sweeping through the mobility industry.

The unveiling of Ayvens doesn't merely stop at a new name but extends to various elements that define the brand's identity:

1. New Name and Symbol

Ayvens, a simple yet powerful name, signifies progress and forward momentum. The accompanying symbol represents the legacy companies uniting as one cohesive team, working towards a common goal. The strong, stable foundation at the base and the fluid form rising above symbolize progress and dynamism. This name is not only a significant milestone for the companies but is also firmly endorsed by their globally renowned majority shareholder, Societe Generale.

2. New Graphic Identity

The graphic identity features a friendly, modern font and vibrant, unique colors inspired by the natural environment. These design elements have been meticulously crafted to make Ayvens stand out in the market. The iconography conveys energy, representing mobility through beautiful moments that are grounded in everyday life.

3. New Brand Tagline

The tagline, "Better with every move," succinctly captures the core mission of Ayvens: to continually enhance mobility for customers, businesses, and the planet.


The rollout of the Ayvens brand is scheduled for 2024 across the 44 countries where ALD Automotive and LeasePlan have a presence, making it the largest direct geographic coverage in the industry. This unified brand will cater to all client segments, from corporates to SMEs, professionals, and private individuals, across all channels and touchpoints, particularly within the company's growing digital ecosystem.


Tim Albertsen, Group Chief Executive Officer of Ayvens, formerly ALD Automotive and LeasePlan, highlighted the company's commitment to leading the way in sustainable mobility. He emphasized that Ayvens' vast size, extensive coverage, service expertise, and dedication to innovation position them as a major player in the mobility sector, capable of shaping the future of mobility and achieving excellence. Furthermore, he underlined the significance of this new brand identity in unifying the company's employees and adapting to clients' needs for greater choice, freedom, and value. It will also serve as a magnet for attracting top talent from around the world.

Authored by: Yves Helven