19 Jun 20

Global Fleet Conference: why global car leasing will flourish in the New Normal

“In December, we’ll be between 80 and 90% of fleet registrations on average,” said Marc Odinius at the 2020 Global Fleet Virtual Conference. He was only one of the speakers you may have missed during this third week, where we also had the CEO Executive Leasing panel discussion and a best practice webinar detailing why it makes sense to stick to your fleet electrification plans in the New Normal. 

Join us for the next two weeks of the 2020 Global Fleet Conference, the first to be held in the virtual world. Register on the event website or via the event app, Attendify, where you can also network with the other participants, be in contact with the sponsors and ask your questions to our expert speakers.

Why you should stick to your e-mobility plan and CO2 targets, even in the New Normal

This webinar, supported by the ALD Wheels Alliance, included case studies presented by James Jin, Director Fleet Procurement & Operations at Merck Sharp & Dohme and Frans van der Hoek, Category Manager, Accenture. Additional insights were brought to you by Anne Chidiac, in charge of advisory services for new mobility and safety with international clients at ALD Automotive and Sara Sweeney, who manages the Connected Vehicle & Electric Vehicle product offerings at Wheels Inc.

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10 Minutes with Marc Odinius: How trends in global fleet sales will determine your future policies

Dataforce Managing Director Marc Odinius outlined global fleet sales trends across the globe. A major difference between the current COVID-19 crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, he believes, is that companies and governments were better prepared to face this challenge. Still, it will take take to reach full recovery.

Expert Meeting APAC

Asia Pacific is without a doubt the most complex region for fleet management harmonisation. In anticipation of the Global Fleet Summit APAC, planned for December 8th and 9th in Singapore, the 4 founding partners of the conference found themselves in an introductory workshop at the Global Fleet Conference. They had committed to the challenge to summarize the vast and diverse continent in a 10-minute exposé, each dealing with the matter from their own expertise and experience..

Help, I’m going global

In this  fleet management workshop, global fleet managers discussed globalisation from different angles like policy, data, stakeholder management and supply chain. With Thibault Alleyn, Global Fleet & Mobility Advisory, Fleet Logistics, Michelle Clarke, Group Director of International Implementations & Audit, Fleet Logistics, Yves Helven, Expert, Global Fleet and Jarno Pajunen, Global Category Manager, Nokia. A White Paper with the highlights and outcome of the session will be published in the Event App

Restart Reimagined with Electric Focus

Multinational companies are increasingly paying attention to Corporate Social Responsibility commitments to answer social and environmental issues.  Translated to the global fleet business this means companies are reducing their ecological footprint with emission-friendly and zero-emission mobility solutions in line with their CSR strategy. With its expert team, composed of Ivan Lequerica, Harald Horn and Fabian Seithel, Geotab explains why it makes sense to continue your electrification strategy in the New Normal and how to define a strategy with which it pays to be green. 

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How global car leasing can continue to flourish in the New Normal

For years the international car leasing business has been thriving. Will global car leasing be different in the New Normal? What are the opportunities for suppliers and their customers? Find out during this not-to-be-missed Top Executive panel discussion between four top executives of international leasing companies from across the planet. With Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD, Bart Beckers, CCO of Arval, Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan and Reggie Cabal, CEO of Orix Australia and New Zealand. 

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck