3 Dec 18

'EV' set to include planes

It is not just on the roads (and rails) that electric transport is making news. The ultimate dream of electric air travel has just taken another step forward. Easyjet has announced that it is in talks with American company Wright Electric to build aeroplanes powered by electric batteries. These would be suitable for short haul flights of under two hours.

Wright Electric, a company founded two years ago, already has an electric two-seater aircraft to its name, and is planning to launch a nine-seater next year.
It has lodged a patent request for its electric aircraft engine. According to the company, electric aeroplanes could be 50% less noisy and 10% less expensive than current aircraft. Emissions from burning aircraft fuel would be eliminated.

As for Easyjet, it specialises in relatively short flights around Europe, and many of these may fit the criteria of the new aeroplane.

(Image: Easyjet)

Authored by: Tim Harrup