6 Feb 19

Cars still favoured by French employees

A new survey by Alphabet France, in collaboration with IFOP, shows that despite government desires, modes other than the car for the home-work journey have not yet taken off in the country. The company questioned 1001 company employees and found that 76% of them came to work by car. In the majority of cases this is the only viable mode of transport, but 33.3% of persons said they opted for the car for reasons of comfort, and 15.7% in order to save money.

For those who use other methods, walking came out on top (clearly only an option in specific cases) followed by public transport and bikes or pavement scooters. On the plus side, around two thirds of those questioned said that their companies did offer certain solutions for mobility, including reimbursement of public transport costs, and parking spaces for bikes. And some, of course, get a company car.

(Image: public domain)

Authored by: Tim Harrup