23 Oct 18

Patrick Pélata joins Vulog Board

Patrick Pélata, formerly COO at Renault and CEO at Salesforce, has joined the Board of Directors of French mobility startup Vulog, a specialist technology provider to car-sharing companies. Vulog reported the news as further evidence that it is entering a phase of “accelerated growth”. 

Mr Pélata joined Renault in 1984 and was appointed the Head of its Advanced Engineering platform in 1993. By 1998, he had progressed to overall Head of Engineering.  A year later, he became Executive Vice President and Head of Europe for Nissan Motor Co. - returning to the Japanese OEM's French sister brand Renault in 2005, where he was appointed Executive VP for planning and Head of Asia, Middle East and Africa. From 2008 to 2011, Mr Pélata was Renault's overall Chief Operating Officer. 

Following a year-long stint as the Advisor to Carlos Ghosn, the President of Renault-Nissan, Mr Pélata in 2012 was appointed Executive VP and Chief Automotive Officer at Salesforce.com, a position he held until 2015. 

“Seeing that Vulog is an exemplary French tech company that leads the world in providing car-sharing solutions, with great successes in Europe, North America and Asia, I'm very happy to contribute to its expansion – and to the transformation of the world's great cities that their technology platform, soon incorporating autonomous vehicles, is enabling”, says Mr Pélata. 

Vulog develops and runs car-sharing platforms for PSA (Free2Move in Wuhan), Kia and Repsol (Wible in Madrid), Poopy (D'Ieteren in Antwerp). 

Mr Pélata has his own consultancy firm, and was recently engaged by French president Emmanuel Macron to develop strategies for new mobility solutions and electric and autonomous vehicles at a national level. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs