11 Jul 18

Zero Scooter joins EV trend

The electric Zero-Scooter is described by its designers as the first self-balancing scooter.
For the electronics and mechanics the company (Bel & Bel, based in Barcelona) is using NineBot®. Zero Scooter is a ‘conversion kit’ and also offers the possibility to acquire the entire product (NineBot + kit) or just the kit to adapt to the base NineBot model (model integrity and technical features will not be modified as result of the application of this kit. The final consumer retains all rights and officially guaranteed by the provider).

Bel & Bel believes that with this product EVs will get closer to an audience that until now considered these products to be outside of  their reality. They believe the Zero Scooter will bring a fresh feel to this retro design with top technology.

A few figures: weight: 25kg, 60cm wide, fast charging: 3-4 hours, maximum load: 100kg, maximum speed: 20km/h, range 25km-30km, battery: 55V 450Wh. The ex-works price of the basic model is € 5,950.

Authored by: Tim Harrup