7 Aug 18

Edinburgh gets locally built electric taxis

A series of  electric taxis, designed and built in the UK, has started appearing on the streets of Edinburgh. This is as a result of a deal that has been signed by the city’s Union Motor Company, based in the Scottish capital for 22 years. These TX eCitys, which promise to dramatically cut driver’s fuel bills, will increasingly appear on Edinburgh’s roads.

The TX is a range-extended electric vehicle – which means that the vehicle is only ever driven by its powerful electric motor. However, there is a small petrol engine on-board which can top-up the battery, should the driver be unable to charge. This technology will give drivers a range of up to 377 miles (600 km), and a zero emissions range of some 80 miles (around 130 km).

This technology set up means that the move to electric will save drivers on average £100 a week in fuel. The first driver to receive the vehicle estimates that he will save £458 per month from making the switch. Further cost savings come from service intervals that jump from 12,000 miles to 25,000 miles.

Authored by: Tim Harrup