8 Oct 20

Subaru Belux offers private lease

Subaru Belux (Belgium and Luxembourg) is now offering private lease. The offer includes comprehensive insurance, civil liability and legal assistance, driver coverage, road tax, registration tax, maintenance and repairs and breakdown assistance. 

The offer is made in cooperation with Mobilease, a specialist in operational lease, fleet management and private lease. Formulas are available covering a period from two to five years, with mileages of either 10,000 or 30,000 km/y. The vehicle will be delivered to the Subaru dealer of the customer’s choice. Subaru private leases are available from a monthly fee of €425. 

Subaru points out that private lease is an interesting formula for several reasons, and for several target groups, especially young drivers: the insurance premium is calculated on the basis of a fixed bonus malus and is spread out over the duration of the contract. By avoiding the payment of a large premium in one go, private lease is a very affordable and attractive formula for the young.

Private lease is growing in popularity in Belgium. It is estimated that the volume of private lease contracts in the country will hit 20,000 by the end of this year. 

(Image: Subaru Belux)


Authored by: Frank Jacobs