14 May 19

Mobility management platform Eurides rebrands as Vaigo

At the start of the Smart Mobility Institute (14-15 May) in Brussels, event partner BDO had some interesting news: the rebranding of mobility payment app Eurides. “A dynamic, young name for a platform that connects corporate processes to dynamic, innovative mobility apps,” says Roeland Vanrenterghem (pictured, left), co-founder and CEO of Eurides – now Vaigo.

It’s boom time for new mobility solutions. In theory, employees have an ever-expanding range of commuting options: besides the traditional car ride into work, they can rideshare, carpool, use public transport, get a taxi or ride a bike. 

Genuine solution

Corporates are keen to facilitate this – indeed, being able to offer employees a range of mobility options counts as a major plus in the war for talent. However, frustratingly, managing the proliferation of new mobility options could easily generate enough work to keep a full-time employee busy all the time. 

That’s where Vaigo comes in. Vaigo offers corporates – and especially HR departments and mobility managers – a genuine solution to what’s probably the most frustrating aspect of new mobility solutions: the fact that they require more administration than the company has time (and staff) for.

“Vaigo is designed to overcome the administrative and process hurdles that larger organisations face when wanting to offer smart mobility to their employees,” says Mr Vanrenterghem. To be clear: Vaigo is not a mobility supplier itself: it’s an admin and integration platform that links corporate processes to the various mobility providers and MaaS apps. 

Local mobility

“Vaigo is probably the only platform on the market that offers a full administrative and process support to corporates, enabling them to provide flexible mobility policies to their employees,” according to Mr Vanrenterghem.

The main focus of the Vaigo platform is local mobility (be it private, professional or for commuting) rather than travel planning (e.g. hotels and planes for business trips), but it does offer integration with expensing tools. 

As a business concept, Vaigo has been around since 2015. The company got a serious boost in 2018 when BDO Belgium saw its potential and decided to invest. With more than 50 years’ experience, BDO Belgium is one of the country’s most reputable and respected accountancy and business advisory specialists. It’s part of the global BDO Group, the world’s fifth largest accountancy and business advisory network.

Process knowledge

BDO Belgium got interested in this field by the volume of questions on employee commute it received from its corporate customers. Investing in Vaigo allowed them to help shape a solution and offer it to those customers. “BDO quickly realised that what’s needed is more than just a nice app. What’s required is attention to corporate processes, to integration with business applications, and to specific policies. That’s why they came to us,” says Mr Vanrenterghem. 

In turn, BDO brings maturity and process knowledge to the Vaigo platform, offering a full set of value-adding mobility services – from designing a mobility policy over examining the fiscal impact of that policy to managing the change required to ‘on-board’ employees into the new system. 

Thanks to the active support of BDO Belgium, Vaigo’s customer base is located mainly in Belgium. However, the Vaigo platform is easily scalable to other countries. “And that next step is being planned right now. We will continue to work closely with our corporate customers, translating their needs into our roadmaps. We’ll continue to work with MaaS providers and provide our customers with excellent service – but on a European rather than a Belgian scale.”

You can find Vaigo at www.getvaigo.com

Authored by: Frank Jacobs