20 Sep 22

ALD launches MaaS solution in Belgium

ALD Automotive has launched a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution for businesses in Belgium, called ALD Move.

The service enables employees to manage, plan, book and pay for different mobility services for both commuting and business travel via an app or payment card.

ALD Move also provides fleet and mobility managers with a centralised administrative management platform to set and monitor employee mobility budgets and expenditure. The platform can track mobility usage and record the CO2 emissions of individual journeys so companies can fulfil their Scope 1 and 3 greenhouse gas reporting duties and work towards carbon net zero commitments.

The international leasing giant already offers ALD Move in France and the Netherlands and plans to extend the MaaS solution to all major European cities by 2025.

Tim Albertsen, CEO at ALD, said: “We believe that mobility can be delivered in a smarter, more sustainable manner through technology, partnerships and industry expertise. Our goal is to shape the future of mobility by harnessing the power of Mobility-as-a-Service and making it a reality for our corporate clients and their employees.”

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Image: ALD

Authored by: Jonathan Manning