13 Dec 19

Audi and Fleetonomy launch new mobility service

Audi launches new premium mobility service with Fleetonomy in Germany

Audi has extended its partnership with fleet management platform provider Fleetonomy to power the car maker’s newest mixed fleet mobility initiative.

Said to be the first of its kind in Southern Germany, the scheme, referred to as BITS, provides mobility services for long-distance drives using a mixed fleet of EVs and ICE models from Audi’s premium range.

Solving critical mixed fleet mobility challenges

Audi is operating the entire service using the Israeli start-up’s AI-based ride-hailing platform, which it says solves some of the critical challenges of operating an app-based, mixed fleet service. These include range anxiety, charging time and locations, plus demand matching.

Fleetonomy’s platform plans efficient scheduling of vehicles, according to journey needs and battery capacity, selects optimal charging locations and guarantees the service is operating according to demand. The company also delivers the white-label mobile apps for passengers and drivers alongside a dispatch and scheduling management dashboard.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway