5 May 20

Avoid COVID-19: new tech alerts passengers to crowded public transport

A new transport technology solution can help city travellers who are worried about catching COVID-19 on crowded public transport.

SkedGo, the Mobility as a Service technology company, has developed the feature to enable passengers to check the occupancy rates of public transport buses and train carriages.

Armed with this information, passengers can choose quieter routes, emptier carriages or switch to alternative transport, such as scooter and bike share services.

A trial in Sydney, using open source data from Transport for New South Wales, has already taken place.

For transport authorities and app developers

SkedGo’s TripGo API and SDK (Software Development Kit) tools will also enable app developers and local transport authorities to share COVID-19 health alerts.

John Nuutinen, CEO, SkedGo, said: “The features we have built into our API, SDK and white label integrations enable passengers to be more informed and confident in their decision-making, using data to prioritise routes that involve reduced human contact or time in transit.”

He added that SkedGo is eager to share its technology with any city that can provide occupancy data from its public transport services.


Photo: SkedGo

Authored by: Jonathan Manning