20 Oct 21

ElectReon and Gotland launch the first wirelessly charged bus in Sweden

ElectReon wirelessly charged bus.

The first fully operational electric bus of ElectReon came into service in the Swedish city of Visby in Gotland, under the Smartroad Gotland project. 

Sweden has been investing in innovative charging infrastructure for more than 10 years and Gotland is an optimal testing ground for Electric Road Systems (ERS), due to its weather conditions. 

After the deployment of the wireless charging infrastructure in 2020, successful tests took place on the 1.6 km journey between the airport and city centre using a 40-ton truck and trailer. Speeds up to 80 km/h were reached on the electrified road, providing an average power of 70 kW. 

On the road to a zero-emission goal 

ElectReon hopes to deploy electric highways across Sweden and provide a cost-efficient and sustainable way to shift to electric mobility. 

Sweden aims to install 2,000 km of electric highways by 2030 and reach the zero-emission goal by 2045. The Smartroad Gotland project will end in 2022.

Image courtesy of ElectReon. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen