29 Aug 23

First “insurable” e-scooter launched in the Netherlands

First “insurable” e-scooter launched in the Netherlands

A pioneer in mobility, PRO-mounts has introduced what it claims is the first legal e-scooter that can be insured to ride on public roads in the Netherlands. 

The UrbMob Kick&Go will enable Dutch citizens to navigate through cities in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. It has a 250W motor, four gears and a top speed of 25km/h. Weighing 11kg, it’s also collapsable and portable. 

The e-scooter is insurable because it’s an e-step with pedal assistance, which, in the eyes of the law, makes it insurable under rules that apply to e-bikes.

A breakthrough for urban mobility

Mike Reed of PRO-mounts, commented: "We understand the need for practical and legal mobility solutions, for example, for commuting or for travelling through the city. We are therefore very proud that the UrbMob Kick&Go fulfils this need. The UrbMob Kick&Go is a breakthrough in the mobility industry because this E-step with pedal assistance is the first in the Netherlands that is allowed on public roads and in large numbers and is insurable.”

Although the UrbMob Kick&Go falls under the same legislation as an e-bike, it is not insured in the same way. Bokhorst Verzekeringen has developed a solution in collaboration with PRO-mounts. They have launched affordable insurance for the Kick&Go E-scooter that guarantees the necessary cover for liability. The UrbMob Kick&Go is available from speciality bicycle stores and online. 

Image of the UrbMob Kick&Go, courtesy of PRO-mounts.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway