28 Mar 22

Free2move acquires Opel Rent

Free2move acquires Opel Rent

As part of its growth strategy for Germany and Austria, Free2move has announced the acquisition of Opel Rent, previously owned by Techno Einkauf GmbH and Verband deutscher Opelhändler (VDOH) Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH.

Adding Opel Rent to its network will enable Free2move to expand service access and offer smart mobility solutions to its customers in more than 1000 agencies across Germany and Austria.

Opel Rent has a network established in Germany and is known for its diverse fleets, which include electric vehicles. Transforming from a rental service to a mobility group is at the heart of its current strategy.

“We are looking forward to serving customers in these markets, with flexible vehicle options that cater to individual needs. Opel Rent’s team with its expertise and skills will help us achieve both of those objectives.” said Alexander Momm Head of Germany & Austria operations at Free2move.

Image courtesy of Free2move.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway