13 Sep 19

Join the Smart Mobility Talks 2019: how to disrupt mobility – and win

Fortune favours the brave. Today’s translation of that old Latin adage could be: Disrupt and win. It’s certainly true in Mobility, a new ecosystem taking shape before our eyes. We’re all experiencing massive, transformational change. ‘Business as usual’ five years down the road is synonymous with ‘out of business’. 

Fine, that’s the argument against standing still. So what’s the direction forward? The Smart Mobility Talks 2019, at this year’s Fleet Europe Summit, are an excellent place to test your taste for disruption, and your talent for change. The over-arching theme of the three targeted Talks is: ‘Developing a winning strategy through mobility disruption’. Here’s a thumbnail description of what they’ll focus on:

How to reconcile Micromobility and Safety
E-scooters, e-bikes and other smaller mobility modes are now used by commuters to ensure their last-mile mobility in many cities. But questions abound about the business model and more fundamentally of the safety aspect of these micromobility solutions. 

How can you make MaaS work for your company?
More and more employees want to have instant access to a variety of mobility modes, to be able to use the one that fits them best in each situation. Mobility as a Service or MaaS may well be the answer, but how do you make it work on a larger or more international scale?

How to monetise on mobility disruption?
Disruption will drive mobility forward, making it more efficient, more sustainable, and more productive. Gains all round, so what are we waiting for and how to secure the right balance between service development, growth and expansion and ROI?

The Smart Mobility Talks will take place in the Smart Mobility Area of the Fleet Europe Summit, in the morning of 7 November. Each session will take approximately 30 minutes, with breaks in between. The first one will start at 9.30, the last one will end at 12.00.

Click here for more on the Fleet Europe Summit 2019 and how to get tickets.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs