9 Oct 19

Mobile apps for the mobility market

Moblyx - dedicated to producing mobility apps

A new online brand Moblyx.com has launched in the UK to provide industry-specific apps for the fleet and mobility sectors. The launch was marked with the release of two brand new apps M Inspect and M Carpool.

M Inspect digitises inspection processes enabling users to carry out a variety of vehicle inspections, with or without wireless connection, as it supports on and offline data capture.

Moblyx says the product saves time, creates efficiencies and gives customers the opportunity to create state-of-the-art vehicle handover experiences.

M Carpool is for customers, such as MaaS providers, wanting to maximise the use of their vehicle assets. It supports vehicle movement tracking and health & safety compliance.

Anyone interested can register their interest at Moblyx.com.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway