26 Sep 22

Strong growth for Stellantis’ mobility arms Free2Move and Share Now

Free2Move more than doubled its number of registrations.

For the first eight months of the year, registrations for mobility provider Free2Move have more than doubled, increasing 104%. As the free-floating car sharing platform Share Now also grows by 52%, parent company Stellantis registers a significant switch from car ownership to usage.

“Demand for flexibility has never been higher”, says Brigitte Courtehoux, CEO of Free2Move, about the performance. Stellantis’ mobility branch Free2Move focuses on an entire ecosystem for car rentals, ranging from one-day rentals, over leasing, chauffeur services, parking, and charging to car-sharing.

Comparing the usage-intensive summer months from this year with 2019, the company even reports an increase of a staggering 705%.

Courtehoux points to the attractiveness of the all-in-one solution that Free2Move offers as an explanation for the growth: “Better connections are the focus of our products.”

Regional differences

As for its sub-brand Share Now, the global mobility brand notes interesting regional differences. Where German customers turn to car-sharing as a shuttle service to the airport, the French use it for long-term rentals and business commutes. In Mediterranean countries, car-sharing serves short trips, such as urban evening visits. In general, the duration of the rentals is also growing, by around 30%.

Free2Move bought Share Now in May 2022. The business was originally jointly formed by Mercedes and BMW, but as the German car makers wanted to concentrate their combined forces on software development, they sold off the unit to Stellantis.

The latter wants to become a global leader in this field. The sale demonstrates how premium players face complexity in assimilating sharing services with their private luxury car ownership reputation. 

Image: Free2Move

Authored by: Piet Andries