2 Dec 22

Sustainable transport will dominate in 2023, survey says

Sustainable transport will dominate in 2023, survey says

According to a survey carried out by FREE NOW, makers of a Europe-wide mobility super app, over half of UK public plan to increase their use of sustainable transport choices in 2023. Almost a third say that sustainable transport  - including shared mobility (micro-mobility, taxis and private-hire vehicles) and public transport - are more important in the wake of the Cost of Living Crisis. 

The findings are revealed in the UK’s top four transport resolutions survey, released by FREE NOW and show a marked shift in travel priorities across the UK where micromobility including electric bikes and e-scooters, plus ride-hailing and lift-sharing have been increasing in popularity. FREE NOW has experienced a 200% growth in shared micro-mobility usage across Europe in 2022 alone.

The UK’s top four transport resolutions include:

  1. Use more shared mobility: people plan to travel in different ways with 14% pledging to use shared mobility more with FREE NOW reporting a 200% growth in micro-mobility usage in 2022 alone. 
  2. Consider living without a private car: almost half of young people think they could live without a car by using cabs, PHVs, eScooters and eBikes.
  3. Use more public transport: 37% of people said they will rely on public transport more in 2023.
  4. Go Electric: more than one in ten (14%) are going to replace their car with a new, cleaner model such as an electric car (EV) or hybrid, with new EV driver registrations on the FREE NOW app up 120% this year.   

Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager UK at FREE NOW, said: “Sustainability is increasingly an important topic to both the general public and FREE NOW drivers. Already this year we’ve seen a 200% increase in micro-mobility usage on the platform and nearly three-quarters of all taxi and private hire tours were done in electrified vehicles.” 


Authored by: Alison Pittaway