14 Oct 20

TMC’s services now available to SAP clients

The services offered by The Miles Consultancy (TMC), the specialist in mileage capture, audit and fuel management, are now integrated with SAP’s Concur Expense. Businesses using Concur Expense can now log their business trips automatically via TMC’s Mileage Track app, which includes optional driving behaviour and occupational road risk services. 

Via Mileage Track, each trip is checked, helping to ensure compliance with local market requirements and global corporate policies. Once checked and agreed, TMC automatically sends an expense file into Concur Expense. The integration will help fleet managers improve compliance and control, and ultimately reduce cost.

Says Paul Hollick, Managing Director of TMC: “It’s no secret that fuel cards and mileage claims are a significant unmanaged cost. We can help businesses using Concur Expense ensure that only audited business mileage is reimbursed and that fuel cards are managed properly. This saves companies on average 14.5% off their fuel bills. Our integration with Concur Expense also increases client visibility, reduces admin and helps to ensure tax compliance.”

Authored by: Frank Jacobs