12 Oct 21

1 in 3 corporates are willing to pay more for Corporate Mobility

Corporate mobility is more than a buzzword. It’s even arriving at the top of the agenda for many businesses of all shapes, sizes and maturity levels in Europe, from start-ups to big corporations. In our Smart Mobility survey with more than 100 companies, conducted by the Smart Mobility Institute, 30% of respondents indicated that they are willing to pay more for the right corporate mobility solutions. The companies clearly believe there is a lot at stake – and they’re right. 

The world of Corporate Mobility is evolving as companies are facing changing demands from their employees, greater pressure to become sustainable and – as the recent crisis has highlighted – the need to be more agile than ever. In addition, technological developments in digital booking and management applications are improving urban mobility (and especially alternative mobility options) for passengers, commuters, business drivers and entire communities, thus helping people to get around more easily and efficient in cities.

Making the case in the long term

However, a successful transition does not happen overnight; it evolves gradually and requires careful planning and support from the entire mobility ecosystem. A growing number of corporates are making the switch to alternative and smart mobility in combination or as a replacement of the company car. These companies are the innovators and early adopters with strong thought leadership and commitment to corporate social responsibility. They have identified that new corporate mobility is offering many long-term gains, which is why they have decided to actively invest in its development.

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Author: Saskia Harreman