9 Mar 22

Arval launches Adaptiv, a flexible car subscription

Arval is launching Arval Adaptiv, a flexible car subscription that gives private customers access to a car only when they need it, and within a few days. The customer only pays for the period of use, with no commitment on duration. 

Arval is already present in the intermediate space between leasing and renting. Arval Mid Term Rental gives corporate and private customers the opportunity to rent a car from one to 24 months. Present in 21 countries, it grew by 34% in 2021. 

Arval Adaptiv, for now only available to private customers, goes further. The offer:

  • Choose a specific model within a range of selected cars (including both ICEs and EVs, and depending on the customer’s evolving needs). 
  • Full flexibility, both in terms of duration (from one month to as long as needed), and of vehicle (customers can return or change the car whenever they want).
  • All-inclusive services for a fixed monthly fee (including maintenance, insurance, assistance and tyre service).
  • Easy access and availability (all cars selected from the new or used vehicles available at Arval, and thus deliverable within a few days).

Arval Adaptiv will be launched first in Italy and Poland, and then gradually rolled out across all Arval markets.

“With Arval Adaptiv, we’re helping our private customers move towards flexibility”, says Alain van Groenendael (pictured), Arval Chairman and CEO. “We’re giving them the freedom to choose the mobility solution that best suits their needs – whatever those needs are, and no matter how they evolve.”

Image: Fleet Europe 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs