20 Jan 21

CarPay-Diem hits 1 million transactions

Fuel payment solution CarPay-Diem has passed the symbolic milestone of paying for more than 1 million fuel refills, making it the largest mobile fuel platform in Europe. "Today, CarPay-Diem is the only solution active in multiple countries, with more coming in the near future," said Frédéric Stiernon, CEO (pictured).

The milestone is a marker of the company’s even bigger ambitions for 2021 and beyond:

  • At present, CarPay-Diem is the only solution of its kind that is active in multiple countries. Now operating in Belgium and Luxembourg, the company will expand into the French, Dutch and German markets early this year.
  • CarPay-Diem will soon also announce additional fuel network partnerships.
  • The company is working with a major OEM to integrate its solution directly into their car dashboard.

CarPay-Diem allows end-users to pay for their refuelling sessions at a number of providers (including Texaco, Gulf and Esso) with their smartphone or even directly from their car dashboard. "Many customers use CarPay-Diem without knowing it," said Mr Stiernon, "because the service integrates in existing mobile apps like Xtra from Colruyt or mobile banking applications of Belfius and BIL."

By offering contactless and cashless payments, CarPay-Diem’s solution is not just easy and convenient, but – considering the current pandemic – also in line with the sanitary recommendations regarding social distancing. "When the first lockdown ended, we hit transaction volume records, showing that people felt safer using their mobile at the pump," commented Mr Stiernon.

In all, 2 million drivers have access to the CarPay-Diem solution. While only a small share already use it, the number of active customers is growing every day.

CarPay-Diem won the second prize at the 2017 Smart Mobility Start-Up Awards, part of the yearly Fleet Europe Awards.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs