16 Sep 19

Ceci n’est pas un bicycle

Don’t call a bike a bike. The latest technologies have brought bicycles to the next level, finding an innovative solution for every possible commuting issue.

  1. Foldable bikes. Multimodal is the key word of modern commuting, hence when you choose for cycling, you might prefer to combine that with any other kind of mobility mode. Packed small and light foldable bikes can be carried on train or bus or even in the trunk of your car. 
  2. The Backpack bike. The Backpack bike can be fold as small and precious that it fits perfectly in a backpack, ready to carry to the office or on the train. 
  3. Electric bikes. If distance, weather and/or geographic circumstances are your main arguments to refrain from cycling to work, take an e-bike. You can find them in all kinds of bikes, from cargo bike to mountain bike.  
  4. E-foldable bikes. Combine the before-mentioned features and you can have the perfect first and last mile solution for any kind of commute. Brompton is one of the leading electric foldable bike providers.
  5. Smart bike. Navigation is one thing; smart and social navigation is another. The startup Hammerhead have developed a T-shaped device that not only determines and guides your route but allows friends and colleagues to tag along to join your ride. 
  6. Maintenance free bike. A worry-free commute starts with a maintenance free bike of Urbanized, which has airless tires, meant to be puncture-proof, while the Gates carbon belt drive eliminates the need for lubricant, and the fragile derailleur is replaced by an internal gear hub.
  7. Smog-free bike. Dutch Design artist Daan Roosegaarde is designing a smog-free bike, based on the technology of already existing Smog Free Towers. 
  8. Clean materials. The Mexican startup Greencode has been experimenting with environmentally friendly bikes for several years now, and guess where the frame is made from? Recycled paper! No worries, the special coating guarantees that even the strongest rainfall won’t damage the paper bike that could carry up to 110 kg.  Even the tires are made of recycled rubber.
  9. Smart tyres. You don’t need to have different sets of tyres anymore with the ReTyre system you only have to replace the rubber casing on top of them.
  10. Recumbent trikes. Still not convinced to set on your two-wheeler. Go for a recumbent trike and commute laid-back to work. The reclined bicycle with three wheels offers various benefits you might not have considered before. (1) stability so less chance for injury, (2) comfort, (3) speed, (4) storage capability, (5) lumbar support, (6) work-out on the road. 

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Authored by: Fien Van den steen