23 Oct 19

Fleet Europe Innovation Award: 9 finalists still in the race, cast your vote

Who will succeed ChangeMyCar, winner of the 2018 Fleet Innovation Award (pictured), with their flexible subscription based vehicle solution?

The Fleet Europe Innovation Award rewards innovative solutions, products or services from the international fleet and mobility supplier industry.

Of the 18 candidates applying this year, the jury composed of International Fleet Managers and Fleet Europe (see below) selected 9 finalists. These finalists have been invited to present their innovative products and services on 23 October to the jury via video-conference. At the end of this video meeting marathon, the jury cast their final votes which represent 70% of the final decision. 

Even though the jury's duty is now finished, the competition continues for the finalists. They now have to face to a crucial final step: the vote of the Fleet and Mobility community. Indeed, an online page is open and you can select the best innovative tool. Your votes will represent 30% of the final decision. The winner will be revealed with the support of sponsor FCA Group on 7 November in the Fleet Europe Village of the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril. 

Here are the 2019 nominees: 

ALD Automotive
With ALD Move

ALD Automotive presents ALD Move, a Mobility-as-a-Service app. Aimed at a holistic, flexible approach, ALD Move enables smart mobility choices, by giving users access to a full range of flexible mobility solutions (car, public transportation and e-bike). It provides daily advice about the smartest way to commute based on the user’s personal agenda, using real-time traffic data and a self-learning chatbot By stimulating, incentivizing and facilitating flexible mobility ALD Move supports companies in their objectives for sustainability, cost efficiency and employee satisfaction.

With Arval Car Sharing

Arval Car Sharing is a 100 % full digital solution answering to the mobility needs of the companies and their employees. With a highly secured and convenient platform, vehicles are accessible through a smooth driver journey for a pre-reserved period of time. On a web and mobile platform, drivers can search, book and access a vehicle in three steps. For companies and fleet managers, this solution answers to their fleet cost reduction needs and CSR ambitions. Hence, it's a win-win solution for both companies and employees.

With Mobileo

Mobilleo has been built to address business mobility needs on a global basis. By integrating all business mobility modes into Mobilleo, users are empowered to plan their business mobility around their individual preferences with Mobilleo providing the optimal transit options for the journey. Within Mobilleo users can utilise the Smartsearch function to filter their results based on travel time, cost efficiency, convenience or the greenest ways to travel. This allows fleet managers to implement their organisational policies while allowing their employees to travel according to their preference within that structure.

With Monitoring EV Performance with Telematics

Geotab’s Monitoring EV Performance with Telematics exists because fleet telematics solutions don’t access EV-specific data. It aims to enable fleet managers to manage their whole fleet from 0-100% electric in one platform. It also compares the performance of all vehicles and allows managers to know their real-world electric range. Other features include a complete charging history, a live map and seeing which vehicles have the most/least battery charge, with charging activity. The system can then dispatch the right vehicle and prioritise charging.

C-Bond Systems
With C-Bond Nanoshield

C-Bond is a patent-protected, water-based, non-toxic nano-technology innovation designed to significantly increase the structural integrity of glass, enhance strength and the flexibility of glass products. C-Bond’s patented solutions enable glass to dissipate energy using nano-technology to locate and repair the microscopic surface defects that weaken glass. C-Bond’s products improve the strength, toughness, and flexibility of glass, and increase resistance to breakage due to impact. The solution is designed to improve windshield safety and increase impact resistance to road hazards that cause chips and cracks.

OTA keys
With Keys as a Service

OTA keys proposes a global solution for use by car sharing businesses and rental companies with modular software and hardware solutions adapted to the company’s needs. From the back end of the OEM to the corresponding service provider or car owner to even in fleet or car-sharing solutions, OTA can provide a virtual key that is transferrable from one driver’s smartphone to another. One cloud-based solution that can be integrated one time and be compatible regardless of the age of the vehicle, allows our customers to provide a seamless user experience.  

Sixt SE
With Sixt One App

The Sixt app integrates rental, car sharing, ride hailing and e-scooter services, meaning that mobility is integrated within one app. No switching to other apps any more. Objectives are convenience for travellers, saving hidden costs such as avoiding any queues at a rental counter, literally: mobility out of one hand. Key elements include the whole value chain of car rental being digitalised and providing access to the car pool at the destination so that the customer can select the exact model he/she will then pick up. The live traveller can skip the counter.

Sixt SE
With Sixt Flat

Sixt Flat is a subscription/flat rate for cars, providing a flexible alternative to perk fleet/ leased vehicles. Its objectives are to enter into the niche market between more flexible long-term rentals and leasing with flexible contract duration, attractive fixed monthly prices, varying car specials with guaranteed vehicle models or choosing a vehicle package. With this product, everything is included except fuel, e.g. comprehensive insurance with limited deductible, service and maintenance, taxes, winter tyres & much more.

Sunhill Technologies
With PayByPhone Fleets 

This is a solution for businesses to manage parking expenses and enable employees to park on- and off-street with an app. Business-related parking expenses are hardly part of fleet management as they’re usually not assigned to a vehicle. Fleet managers can’t include these expenses into their TCO calculation, missing out an opportunity to effectively manage their fleet. This solution gives fleet managers full parking-cost transparency and enables all involved departments to optimise the process of travel reimbursements resulting in cost-savings through digitalisation. Corporate clients only pay by active users offering them a tailored solution to fit their demands.Thank you to the jury for their active participation in the selection of the finalists.

The Jury of the Fleet Europe Innovation Award:

  • Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor, Fleet Europe
  • Hans den Hollander, Manager Car Fleet EMEAR, Cisco
  • Fer Derwort, European Fleet Manager, Infor
  • Pim De Weerd, Global Fleet Manager, Philips
  • Maaike Hofwijk - Van Hemmen, European Fleet Manager, G4S Europe
  • David Omodei, Sr Procurement Engagement Manager, Microsoft
  • Christine Siroux, Fleet and Travel Manager EMEA
  • Marc Devos, Senior Manager Fleet Europe, Coca-Cola European Partners


Authored by: Steven Schoefs