20 Jul 22

GoGoGe Genoa! Passenger transport digitised by Hitachi smart mobility suite

Hitachi Rail has digitally connected public and private hire transport across the city of Genoa in Italy.

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Back to Genoa, the milestone has been achieved using technology from Hitachi’s new smart mobility suite called Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management, which the company is launching today.

The launch programme – in Genoa, Italy – Hitachi has connected 663 buses, 2500 bus stops, the metro line used by 15 million p.a., two funiculars, one historic hillside railway, 10 public lifts and two suburban bus routes that span 50km. Users also have the power – via the touch of a button on their mobile phones – to hire an electric car, pay for parking or find an e-moped.

Power to the passenger

Hitachi’s 360Pass smart ticketing app has eradicated the need to purchase a traditional paper ticket; or to ‘touch-in’ or download multiple apps for different transport services.

The 360Pass connects Bluetooth sensors that know when a passenger with the mobile app has boarded, how far they have travelled and when they disembarked. Users can take multi-modal journeys, but the 360Pass system will ensure they only pay the best possible fare at the end of each day.

The 360Pass app offers more personalised information about public transport journeys, including the fastest and most convenient multi-modal route options and real time journey updates.

It also allows passengers to check how busy bus services are, enabling them to choose less crowded services if they are anxious about crowding post-Covid19.

360Pass is being delivered in partnership with the city’s public transport operator, AMT, and the Municipality of Genoa, using the local brand name GoGoGe.

Game-changer for transport authorities and operators

Genoa, home to two-thirds of a million people, faces similar transport challenges to cities around the world – congestion, emissions and delivering quality services. The ambition on behalf of the city’s leadership is to unlock a step change in the use of sustainable mass transport across the metropolitan area.

Technology offers a way to reduce the reliance on private vehicles – helping the municipality to meet its goals while optimising costs and the provision of transportation across the region.

In cities such as London, where drivers can spend an average of 227 hours a year in congestion, this could be transformative.

We recently published the Mobility Maturity Map an eBook, exploring which countries across Europe are mobility-ready and which are struggling. You can read/download it here.

Alessandro de Grazia, Group Head of Smart Ticketing, Hitachi Rail, said: “Hitachi’s Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management suite is a world first for smart mobility and can improve urban transport in cities around the world. Today, cities face the challenges of growing public transport use to reduce emissions, cut congestion and boost their recoveries. Our new solutions – proven in Genoa – provide a uniquely powerful platform for operators. Across the UK, from London to Glasgow, and Birmingham to Manchester– we can help operations connect, scale and optimise their entire transportation network through a single platform.”

Image: Hitachi Rail

Authored by: Alison Pittaway