30 Nov 21

“Mobility Edenred’s best advertisement? Our users!”

Drive a car to work in Brussels, and you’re stuck in traffic 140 hours each year. There are better ways to organise mobility. Chief among them: Mobility Edenred, which offers access to all the alternative modes of transport you want. “And you don’t even have to give up your car”, says Adrien Cassiers (pictured below), Business Development Manager Mobility for Edenred Belgium.

Adrien Cassiers, Business Development Manager Mobility for Edenred BelgiumIn 2019, Belgium launched the mobility budget, a three-part remedy for the country’s car-centric corporate mobility culture. In exchange for the classic company car, employees can allocate their budget into three pillars. The first one is a greener car, the (tax-free) second pillar entails alternative solutions such as public transport, car-sharing, bicycles, etcetera. Employees can even choose no car at all, spending their entire budget on the second pillar. And don’t worry if you don’t get to spend your annual budget. The remainder turns into the third pillar: a cash payment in January. 

Warming attitudes

Edenred, a multinational provider of employee benefits, has been offering Belgian corporates its mobility benefit solution from the beginning. And it has noticed attitudes warming: “At first, nobody was quite sure what the mobility budget does”, says Mr Cassiers.

By now, the advantages are time-tested. For users, but also for employers. Mobility Edenred is a simple solution to switch to a more sustainable form of organising corporate mobility – high on the agenda of all corporates. It offers a wider scope of mobility options, while maintaining the fiscal advantages of the company car. And last but not least, by offering flexible and sustainable transport options, it’s an important weapon in the war for talent. 

“Now, the idea is spreading via word of mouth. We even get contacted by employees, who want us to convince their employers to offer a mobility budget.” 

There are two reasons why the popularity of Mobility Edenred is spreading. One: the inherent attractions of the mobility budget. And two: the added advantages of Edenred’s offer.

Housing cost

Starting with the first reason, the mobility budget offers the flexibility that company car drivers never knew they were missing. Not only can you pick, choose and combine mobility alternatives from trains to scooters, you also have the option to use, for the limited time you need them, other vehicle types: a motorhome to go on holiday, a van if you’re moving house. 

Talking about houses: “You can even use the mobility budget to cover a part of your housing cost. Depending on how far from work you live, and how much you work outside the office, you can use the budget towards paying your mortgage. Which is brilliant”, says Mr Cassiers. 

Above and beyond

Mobility Edenred offers its services via the usual triad of app, card and web management platform. But it goes above and beyond what others do. 

“Uniquely, we put no limit on the mobility options that employees can choose in the second pillar. Our only limits are those set by the law, and the employer.” says Mr Cassiers. 

For fleet managers and HR managers, Mobility Edenred’s web platform offers all the information they need and the functionalities to optimise their work – and without adding to the administrative burden. Dashboards are simple to overview, and  many functions are automated – both things adding to the ease of management of their employees’ budgets.  

Hammer and nail

For too long, mobility in Belgium was a challenge with only one solution – the company car. 

The mobility budget has opened up a whole toolbox with flexible solutions. And Mobility Edenred offers easy and wide access to those tools. It’s proving an increasingly popular solution.

“We help you reduce CO2 emissions, while improving your mobility options,” says Mr Cassiers. “And it works. Our best advertisement – that’s our end users!”

Interested? Here’s one more incentive: companies that sign a deal for Mobility Edenred before 31 December will benefit from a promotional offer with special conditions. Contact Edenred to learn more.