6 Sep 21

Mobility management as the winning factor for your business

Dragintra makes more of mobility

At Dragintra, we believe that successful companies put advanced fleet and mobility management at the heart of their operations. We make more of mobility. 

Moving forward: Seeing travel through the prism of mobility

Securing the next chapter of your company’s story? Start looking at mobility in the broadest sense of the word. Emerging mobility alternatives, the changing behavior of your employees, increasing home and remote working: it all requires somewhat of a new mindset. A flexible and dynamic mobility mix is a key differentiator for your next steps. Dragintra helps you in transitioning your company’s fleet into a greener, more efficient and sustainable mobility plan. In this, we always put your organization’s needs first. This way we make sure our solutions suit you and your employees perfectly. 

Changing times? Your mobility management is your secret weapon

Certainly, we live in interesting and often challenging times. ‘The way we do things’? It’s being rethought. Constantly. As leading specialists in fleet and mobility management, we know that your employees’ mobility is your secret weapon towards becoming a futureproof organization; from company loyalty to a smaller environmental footprint, with a suitable mobility solution your organization is fully ready for a changing world. 

Dragintra helps you and your organization find the best mix in mobility options in order to achieve real impact. Our vision is driven by sustainability, flexibility and efficiency. All is put in motion to make sure that your employees can move whenever and wherever they want, whilst putting impact and comfort first.  

What does Dragintra stand for?

  • More sustainable solutions to reduce our collective environmental footprint
  • More flexibility in the travel options you offer your employees
  • Efficient mobility management that benefits everyone and saves costs

Ready to enhance your employees’ mobility experience? Dragintra makes getting from A to B simply easier. Learn more about what we do and start making more of your mobility.