19 Mar 24

Mobility & Sustainability: Nothing beats mileage reduction.

The shift towards sustainable mobility is an ongoing challenge of the status quo. Fleet managers need to source alternative vehicle options, often engaging with new players in the ecosystem, establish charging infrastructure, and ensure a shift in employee behavior towards safer and more sustainable driving practices.

Never waste a good crisis

A growing realization within the fleet management community is that electrification alone is insufficient to achieve net zero emissions. The fundamental reality is that without renewable energy sources, electric vehicles still carry residual emissions (generated during electricity production and transportation) that require offsetting.

However, the most cost-effective and efficient means of reducing transportation emissions remains reducing overall mileage. In practice, company vehicles are covering fewer business kilometers due to virtual collaboration tools, digitized client interactions, and a shift when it comes to assessing the need for face-to-face meetings.

By aligning sustainability goals with evolving meeting practices, additional measures can be proposed to complement corporate sustainability objectives, such as eligibility reviews and mobility solutions.

A Unified Approach

Adjusting eligibility criteria represents a significant challenge, especially considering that company vehicles in Europe rarely serve purely as a tool of trade (ToT). Consequently, any adjustment to benefits for mixed-usage (Benefit + ToT) vehicles must be carefully considered to ensure fair compensation.

Nevertheless, from every perspective—utilization, cost, sustainability, and future-proofing—it makes sense to retire underutilized mixed-usage vehicles.

This renewed focus on mobility is reclaiming its place on the fleet manager’s agenda, with timing proving opportune.

Smart Mobility Institute in Collaboration with Uber4Business

In the upcoming April edition of the Smart Mobility Institute, in partnership with Uber4Business, we delve into precisely this topic: How can mobility initiatives support corporate sustainability objectives without disrupting business continuity, all while prioritizing the best possible employee experience?

Additionally, we'll explore the practical implementation of mobility solutions, highlighting significant advancements through integration with platforms like Concur.

Join us, free of charge, at the Smart Mobility Institute's "Sustainable Mobility at Work" event on April 16th at the Uber4Business office in Amsterdam. This session is exclusively open to fleet and mobility customers, including fleet and mobility managers, travel managers, procurement and HR specialists, and facility managers. For more information and registration, please visit our registration page.

Authored by: Yves Helven