12 Jun 19

Monthly review - May - Improve your mobility efficiency with MaaS

MaaS or Mobility as a Service is not about giving up cars and going for public transport or bicycles instead. It’s about choosing the transport mode that suits your trip best. In the past month of May, there has been no shortage of news on the MaaS front.

Don’t forget to register for the Fleet Europe Summit which this year takes place in Estoril (Portugal) on 6-7 November. MaaS will be one of the overarching topics at the summit, alongside Artificial Intelligence and fleet electrification.

Pon the MaaS play

Pon, the Dutch Volkswagen importer, has taken a majority share in Swapfiets, a bicycle subscription service that has quickly become a household name in cities where it is operating.

It is not the only investment in the MaaS field Pon has done, as it has also acquired a stake in Tranzer, an app travellers can use to plan and pay their trips with public transport, taxis or bikes.

First class

At the Dutch Mobility Manager of the Year election, various fleet managers explained how they had stopped offering lease cars by default. Instead, they now opt for train passes, often in first class.

“Campaigns to promote cycling? We don’t need those in the Netherlands,” one fleet manager told our reporter. “People already take their bike anyway.”

Unsurprisingly, two Dutch cities made it to the top 5 best cycling cities.

Carmaker or mobility maker

Most carmakers today are trying to reinvent themselves. It’s not only about alternative powertrains, it’s also about new services to tap into new markets. We list 5 strategies Renault uses to remain relevant in the future.

Free2Move’s move into the short-term car rental space is a part of the same trend. The PSA daughter will progressively roll out the new service in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck