13 Feb 20

William Ireson joins Connector: “Carve out what mobility means to each person”

William Ireson is the new Global Director Mobility Services of fleet and mobility consultancy specialist Connector. “The car isn’t always the right solution,” says Mr Ireson. He wants to help multinationals define a new mobility strategy, not because they have to but because they believe in it. That’s why he has left Nike, where he was Global Benefits Manager, and joined mobility consultancy Connector.

Why did you leave Nike and join Connector?

“I worked at Nike for an enjoyable 6 years where I learnt a lot about global benefits and what really engages employees. I started off my career in London as a health and risk consultant and then I went internal at Nike where I worked in the global Total Rewards team. That was a really interesting area for me, as we started developing our mobility strategy which was an inspiring platform for developing myself. I feel that this move is the right next step for me, particularly after being introduced to Connector.”

How did you get to know Connector?

“When we started the mobility design at Nike, we were looking at who could help us. We sourced Connector and immediately had a connection, sharing the same desire to innovate.

“Throughout the process, I had my eye on the mobility and the smart mobility world. It was almost destiny that I would then make the move to join the team. Now I’ve made the big jump, which is scary, but exiting as well.”

What will be your role at Connector?

“I will be the Global Director Mobility Services that will involve Consulting but also promoting a new exciting Corporate MAAS product that we are about to launch.

What makes Connector unique?

“Connector has a true belief in mobility that can either be as a compliment to the company car or as an alternative. I really believe in their vision, their professionalism, expertise and their ability to listen to the requirements and to find the right solution for each client.”

“The world is changing with lots of potential available in new innovative technology that can assist with both fleet management and new mobility solutions. Because mobility has varying definitions to each individual, Connector has the vision and knowledge to help create the right strategic solution.

What’s the main mistake that companies traditionally make when going from fleet to mobility?

“People are now looking at their fleets not just in terms of managing them more efficiently but also about the eligibility and alternatives that can continue to add value to their employees. When you dig down, not many people need a dedicated company car anymore for their work. Also, there is an increasing desire for corporates to become more sustainable. This is also happening in cities, where there are increasing car bans and changes in taxation.

“So, do you really need to give dedicated cars? And then look at the alternatives. Cash is always the easy solution. But is giving cash the right message you want to send out to your employees? Is it going to answer the needs of new talent in cities? Is it going to answer the needs of existing employees who want richer benefit package? Cash doesn’t deliver a different meaning, a different message - which mobility can. Mobility can deliver a message can actually be more valuable than cash.”

Authored by: Steven Schoefs