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4 Jan 19

OEMs diving into the future on CES2019

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, several OEMs will not only showcase their newest models, but also the future of driving based on the potential of digital connectivity. From 7 to 11 January, visitors can catch a glimpse of what driving might be like in the future. 

Entirely accompanied by the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, visitors will be able to take a virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT. Thanks to the virtual reality goggles and a specially-designed spatial concept, visitors will be able to enter the virtual world. Moreover, once the simulation enters the autonomous Ease mode, the driver will be driven and becomes a customer of various digital services provided by the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, from videoconferencing and shopping to smart home functions.

Mercedes-Benz / Daimler
Besides the world premier of the new CLA, Mercedes-Benz will also present its Vision URBANETIC mobility concept, which is supposed to take autonomous vehicles to the next level. With its revolutionary vision, it is supposed to reduce traffic flows while improving the quality of urban life and eliminating the separation between people moving and goods transport. Talking about goods transport, Daimler Trucks will present essential news about its strategy for automated trucks as well.

Besides showcasing its potential of electric vehicles and even the creation of entire EV ecosystems on the energy demonstrations, Nissan will demonstrate the potential of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Via its new technology Invisible-to-Visible, i2V, visitors will be able to ‘See the Invisible’. By merging real and virtual worlds Nissan strives to create the ultimate connected-car experience.

Participating for the first time, Toyota Boshoku Corporation will focus on technologies and concepts which are meant to increase the comfort value of mobility and transform mobility time and space as a part of lifestyles. In a mock-up, the Interior Space Models AceS and model MOOX will allow visitors to have an enhanced experience of respectively level 4 and level 5 autonomous cars. While the first focuses on driving pleasure, safety and comfort, the latter includes various services from business to entertainment.

Byton will showcase its very first production-ready cockpit, with a specific focus on its two massive infotainment displays, one across the entire wide of the dashboard, the other on the steering wheel directly in front of the driver - no details yet about how this steering wheel will incorporate airbags or other safety features. Yet, Byton will also include physical buttons on the steering wheel, enabling the driver to gain quick access. Eventually, the endgoal must be a ‘shared experience’ in which the car’s occupant can interact with the car. 

To end the series of innovations, it might be interesting to go and have a look at Hyundai’s entire new vehicle concept, the Elevate Walking Car, which will create a new vehicle category of Ultimate Mobility Vehicles. The four-legged Hyndai Elevate will combine the technologies of EVs with robotics and allow the users to drive, walk or even climb over the most treacherous terrain.

Google, Amazon, and the others

It might be clear that digital assistants will be at the center of the above mentioned innovative mobility visions, hence leading us to market leaders Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The two leading voice-assistant players will use the CES 2019 to confirm their top-position. 
Moreover, they are not operating in a vacuum, but partnering up with various automotive players, and more partnerships are to be announced at CES. So to get a glance of this crucial part of the future car, all eyes should be as well on the leading companies, Alexa and Google Assistant.
Of course, leading the pack, they won’t be the only tech companies showcasing their voice assistant applications. Samsung will push its Bixby on the forefront, while Apple’s Siri won’t stay in the shade of Microsoft’s Cortana-related announcement which is expected on the CES 2019 as well. So keep an eye on those techies who eventually might provide the digital assistant of your future car.


Image: Visitors will be able to take a virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen