2 Jan 20

Louwman acquires stake in Mobility Invest Group

In the Netherlands, Louwman Group has acquired a minority stake in Mobility Invest Group. MIG operates various mobility providers, including Mobiliteitsfabriek, Reisbalans, WijMobil and Tripkey. Mobiliteitsfabriek providers mobility cards for all modes of transport to 150,000 card holders. 

Louwman is the importer of Toyota and Lexus into the Netherlands. The Group also operates a number of dealerships and provides leasing services. It already has a standing collaboration with MIG: both jointly operate a carsharing project in the Dutch cities of Amersfoort and Hengelo. 

For Louwman, the participation in MIG marks yet another expansion of its mobility portfolio. Last year, the company acquired an online bicycle store. The Group also has a stake in WeGo, a provider of carsharing services in the Netherlands. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs