10 May 22

Tango and XXImo launch Tango Mobility Card

Tango and XXImo launch Tango Mobility Card

In the Netherlands, Tango and XXImo have partnered to launch the Tango Mobility Card. Tango already offered a fuel card and charge card. The Tango Mobility Card means corporate customers can now also benefit from an integrated solution for the management, payment and administration of a wide range of mobility modes (e.g. public transport and taxis) and mobility services (e.g. car wash, parking, refueling in Netherlands and abroad). 

Additionally, Tango Mobility Card users will get a discount when they refuel using the Tango fuel station network in the Netherlands. Companies decide which modes and services are available to their employees via the card. The various costs incurred by a Tango Mobility Card will be charged on one integrated monthly invoice. 
Tango operates a network of 195 unstaffed stations for refuelling and recharging throughout the Netherlands. Five years ago, Tango’s parent company Q8 and XXImo launched the Q8 Mobility Card in Belgium. The rollout of a similar product in the Netherlands is a logical next step. Tango wants to develop into a full-fledged provider of mobility services, and has previously launched pay-as-you-drive car insurance, a car-sharing solution (together with SnappCar), and an app to for EV drivers to locate Tango’s own charging stations. 

XXImo offers the first mobility card in Europe that is compatible with Apple Pay, which means users can add the card to their Apple Wallet and pay using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Later this year, the same will be possible via Google Play (and compatible smartphones and -watches). 

Image: XXImo

Authored by: Frank Jacobs